InfraRed Thermometer


​​Medical grade probe, error 0.1, maximum 0.2;

factory 100% detection

Disposable Face Mask

Differences between civil and medical use:
Pro, we have 3-layer protective civilian masks, which are made of the same material as the medical masks,
There are more sterilization steps for medical masks, because doctors need to wear them in the operating room
The surgical clothes and masks of bacteria are the same as those of medical masks
It can only be used after 7-14 days of static degradation after sterilization with chemicals, otherwise
It is harmful to the body. Now the manufacturer gives priority to the production of civil protective masks and civil protection
The middle layer of the mask is also a melt spray cloth, which is the core of the mask to prevent droplet infection
Materials, at this stage is mainly to prevent the spread of coronavirus droplets, so civil
3 layers of protective mask can also play a protective role! Our masks are all regular factories
Home production, with quality inspection report, in line with the national standard GB / t32610, please release heart buying.


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