Connotation of foreign trade

Foreign trade is also referred to as "foreign trade" or "import and export trade, hereinafter referred to as" foreign trade ", refers to a country (region) with another country (region) between the exchange of goods, services and technology activities. This trade is made up of import and export of two parts. To into the country (region) of goods or services, it is imported; For out of the country (region) of goods or services, is the export.

Scientific and technological innovation to bring changes in foreign trade

Innovation requires courage and persistence.
We often say that there must be a concept in doing things, especially in a business. From Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, a word change has truly highlighted the concept of innovation. At present, both the governments at all levels and the enterprises themselves have seen the tremendous kinetic energy contained in innovation. China's reform and opening up over the past 30 years is itself a grand innovation. The enormous potential of innovation and development in the future is still embedded in institutional changes. "We look forward to the relevant departments to combine enterprise innovation in institutional innovation, provide a relaxed environment and power, and truly play the supporting role of innovation.

Take measures to optimize the foreign trade development environment of private enterprises

At present, the external environment for China's foreign trade development has changed, and the situation is severe and complicated. The Ministry of Commerce coordinated the implementation of relevant policies and measures to comprehensively safeguard the stability of foreign trade development. First, take measures to stabilize the foreign trade policy. The second is to establish a foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, a trade promotion platform and an international marketing network to help private enterprises transform and upgrade. The third is to actively develop new business models and help private enterprises develop diversified markets. Support private enterprises to innovate circulation and promote consumption expansion.

November 5-10, 2018

October 29, 2018


An industrial product production and trading company with historical strength and some strength.


October 2018 

The strongest voice to open to the outside world

It once made people feel that the import fair so far has floated in the ocean, floated in the sea, moved in the air, and finally came to the exhibition hall. The exhibition is over, but several important places are still open to society. The previous exhibits have become commodities, and they have entered thousands of families, which makes people feel so intimate.

From the exchange of goods to the hearts of the people, the annual and never-ending import fair is releasing the strongest voice of China's opening up. From grasping industry trends and understanding market trends, we must find gaps and academic advantages, and bring new ideas and new directions for enterprise industrial transformation.

Therefore, this is also a great opportunity for industrial manufacturing.

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September 28, 2018

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