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GHA Electronic Turbine Flow Meter

GHA Electronic Turbine Flow Meter


Suitable for natural, non-aggressive and manufactured gases; nitrogen, carbon dioxide and propane; and other gases upon enquiry.
With electronic counter (powered by batteries lasting at least 6 years).
High measuring accuracy.
Flow indicator.
Low-torque measuring system.
LF and HF impulse outputs in counter head.
Resettable totalize.r
Electronic suppression of over-travel is possible.
Power output (external power unit required).
Explosion protection: II 2 G Ex ib II C T4.
Gas may flow horizontally or vertically.
Integrated fail-safe parameter, event and measured value Archive.
RS 485 data communication (Modbus).
Parameterization and operation software RMGViewEVC.
Integrated volume correction (option).
Remote totalizer up to 10 m away from the meter case (option).

Sizes and technical parameters

      Max. admissible pressure PS                            = 64 bar
Max. admissible pressure pmax                            up to 64 bar
                                     Meter sizes                            from Qmax 25 m³/h to Qmax 10000 m³/h
                                     Connection                           -Standard:                                                                   

                                                                                     Flange bore up to PN 100 and ANSI 600 in DN 50 to DN 400
                                                                                     Sandwich design DN 50 to DN 250
                                                                                     Sandwich design with threaded connection DN 20 and DN 40

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