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LDQ-98A-B battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter adopts lithium battery power supply method without external power supply with low power consumption and high accuracy ,If equipped with GPRS equipment, it can realize remote meter reading system and centralized data processing,which is mainly used in urban water supply, field pipeline measurement, etc. 


                          Accuracy      ±0.5%RS~±1.0%RS

                           Line Sizes       DN10~DN600

                  Liner Materials       Chloroprene rubber(CR) ,PTFE, PFA, F46

          Electrode Materials       Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Platinum, Tantalum, Titanium

                   Flange Ratings       GB, DIN,ANSI, JIS

          Transmitter Output       4~20mA、RS232、Modbus RS485、HART、PROFIBUS DP

            Interchangeability       Compatible with all LDQ-98A Series transmitters

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LDQ-98A-B  Electromagnetic flow meter

(Battery powered type)