YSB600F flange type liquid level transducer 
It is company's newly developed affordable tank level measurement products. It uses isolated sensors. It has high-quality sensor elements, reliable isolation packaging technology for moisture-proof, waterproof and perfect assembly process. It has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, normalized flange size, external continuously adjustable zero and span to satisfy the needs of customers. It can be applied to industrial tank liquid level measurement and control.

What do you buy from experience?

When you purchase level measurement technology, you get years of experience integrating directly into your equipment. We also have advanced technology equipment and research and development.

YSB19S series liquid level transducer 
uses  precision isolated diffused silicon sensor element.  It can be controlled or reconfigured by remote PC or hand operator on site. High-quality sensors, superb welding packaging and improved the assembly process to ensure high performance. YSB19S series has integrated and separated two structures. It can meet variety needs of customers.

Our wide range of devices for measurement covers the whole spectrum from basic point level detection to challenging continuous level, interface and volume measurement, even in extreme conditions. Aoxin's level measurement to optimize your processes, plan for maintenance, and anticipate and correct issues before they become problems.

Level Measurement

What do you need from your level technology?
Demonstrated cost savings. Zero maintenance and high performance you can count on. Easy-to-use technology that won’t add to your to-do list.  level instruments do what you need them to. From to simple connect-and-go applications, see what  portfolio can do for you today.

Level Measurement

Solve your interface challenges, see your solids volumes, and find the right product for your application needs with the AOXIN of measurement technologies.

A new level of experience in all of your applications.

Product Information

Level instrumentation based on experience

Innovation is a slippery beast. Often disguised as a shiny package, hidden behind a seemingly infinite list of features, and sold to the public in a flashy way. Why is the level measurement breaking this here?

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