Zhejiang aoxin instrument co., LTD.

     In the bidding of the 2018 instrument framework agreement organized by our company -- temperature/pressure (differential pressure) transmitter of domestic brands -- temperature/pressure (differential pressure) transmitter required for package 9 (tender number: wz20180910-3811-10500-b1), after the review of the bid evaluation committee, your company was confirmed as the second shortlisted bidder.

     Shortlisted goods: domestic brand temperature/pressure (differential pressure) transmitter. Please sign the contract with sinopec international enterprise ningbo co., LTD as soon as possible according to the finalist notification.

                                                          China petrochemical international co. LTD  
                                                                                              September 14th,2018


Distributor Conference (Asia) at Aoxin factory (28-29 Sept. 2017)

​Shanghai Aoxin instrument Co., Ltd. welcomed its distributors from the Asian region (Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore) to its 2017 Asia Distributor Conference held in Wenzhou company headquarter & factory for new products presentation and products training.

October, 2019



​Zhejiang Aoxin instrument Co., Ltd.  attended at UAE-CHINA ECONOMIC FORUM on 22 JULY 2019 in Beijing, China.
On July 22, the united Arab emirates ABU dhabi crown prince Mohammed during his state visit to China, hosted by the Chinese ministry of commerce and the uae ministry of economic affairs, the ministry of foreign affairs, the embassy in Beijing to participate in and to undertake mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce between China and the united Arab emirates commercial BBS held successfully in Beijing, vice minister of commerce, international trade negotiations with the united Arab emirates economy minister, deputy representative jian-hua yu in attendance.

Company news

MAY 2017



                                                       (5 Nov. - 7 Nov. 2019)

​Zhejiang Aoxin instrument Co., Ltd.  attended the oil exhibition in Ukraine  on November 5-7,  2019.

November, 2019

WEFTEC 2017 exhibition, Chicago, USA (30 Sept. - 4 Oct. 2017)

Shanghai Aoxin Instrument Co., Ltd exhibited at the WEFTEC 2017 exhibition in Chicago, USA on 30 Sept. - 4 Oct. 2017.

​​Shortcoming notification

2019 attend xinjiang petroleum exhibition  (15Oct. - 17 Oct. 2019)

​Zhejiang Aoxin instrument Co., Ltd.  attended the  petroleum exhibition in xinjiang .

Veletrhy Brno, a.s Vystaviste 1 ,603 00 Brno Czech Republic

CIPE exhibition in Beijing, China (20-22 April 2017)

​Shanghai Aoxin instrument Co., Ltd. exhibited at China International Petrochemical Equipment Show on 20-22 April 2017 in Beijing, China.
The exhibition have been a great success with the visit of numerous end-user customers mostly coming from China Oil and Gas fields (Petrochina, Sinopec, ...) and new prospects highly interested by Aoxin instrument flowmeter and transmitter products. 

2019 Brno international machinery fair, Czech republic

                                                                 (7 Oct. - 11 Oct. 2019)

​Zhejiang Aoxin instrument Co., Ltd.  attended the exhibition in the Czech republic on October 6, 2019.

WATEX 2017, Tehran, Iran (16 Oct. - 19 Oct. 2017)

Zhejiang Aoxin Instrument Co., Ltd exhibited at the 13th Iran International Water & Waste water Exhibition WATEX 2017 in Tehran, Iran on 16 Sept. - 19 Oct. 2017.

JULY, 2019

SEPT. 2017


October, 2019

SEPT. - OCT. 2017

Iran Oil Show in Tehran, Iran (6-9 May 2017)

​Shanghai Aoxin Instrument Co., Ltd exhibited at the 22nd Iran International Oil, Gas, refining and Petrochemical exhibition in Tehran, Iran on 6-9 May 2017. 
It been a good occasion to develop further our company relation with O&G market main local actors in this fast developing country. Thanks to the good relation between China P.R. and Iran governments which help us to develop our business in Iran.