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YSB digital pressure transducer 
use microprocessing technology with internal 3V lithium battery. Low power consumption, small size, compact structure, vibration resistant make it stable and reliable. It applies to petroleum, chemical, water and metallurgy etc.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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Every process in your plant brings with it specific requirements.  pressure transmitters are your complete range of measuring products with different levels of performance, varying load capacities and types of materials. From hygienic requirements to heavy industry in harsh conditions, Aoxin has the right instrument for every application. 

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Pressure on you to produce quickly, safely and efficiently. Not to mention the actual pressure in your process - which you need to measure with maximum precision at all times. Zhejiang Aoxin Instrument Co., Ltd. 's pressure measurement devices provide the confidence you need in your instrumentation - helping to relieve some of that pressure.

Your operations are under pressure.

Swirl  Flowmeter—GAS Medium

Vortex Flowmeter—LIQUID Medium

Vortex Flowmeter—GAS/STEAM Medium

Pressure measurement

YSB3051 pressure transducer
 It uses intelligent full isolated conversion technology and advanced digital compensation technology for super antijamming capability. And it has good resistance to vibration. 

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YSB3000  pressure transducer 
The core part of YSB3000 series sapphire pressure transducer is a elastic sensing element made by silicon and sapphire hetero epitaxy.  Sapphire silicon wafer was integrally sealed with titanium diaphragm by high temperature fusion welding. 

YSB2088S series pressure transducer 
use high precision isolated diffused silicon sensor element . High-quality sensors, superb welding packaging and improved the assembly process to ensure high performance.

​​Pressure Measurement

Pressure measurement products provide the broadest offering available to meet virtually every application need