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As a machine builder or OEM, you are confronted daily with the challenges of the global market. Fulfilling the high customer requirements, focusing on a standardized yet modular unit, while at the same time making production sustainable with regard to planning and cost efficiency as well as high quality, is the priority of your business.

We support you with holistic integrated automation solutions and services along your entire value chain in order to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

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Zhejiang Aoxin Instrument Co., Ltd. offers you innovative, single-source measurement solutions to increase plant efficiency and enhance product quality. Our intelligent instruments are also designed for seamless interplay with the larger world of industrial automation and control systems – enabling greater process transparency and smarter decisions for your business.

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Whether you need to measure pressure, temperature, flow, level or weight, Zhejiang Aoxin Instrument Co., Ltd. has best-in-class instruments to suit the unique needs of your plant or application - along with a global network of technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our high-performance and cost-efficient range of industrial solutions also includes devices for valve positioning, process protection, recording, controlling, communication and more.

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