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CMASS T-Series Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

CMASS T-Series Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

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It is suitable for trade handover and process control of loading and unloading materials in petrochemical, metallurgical, electric power, paper making, semiconductor, etc.


  • Nominal diameter (mm): DN01,DN02,DN03,DN04,DN08,DN15,DN20,DN25,DN32,DN40,DN50,DN65,DN80,DN100,DN150,DN200,DN250.
  • Not affected by physical properties such as viscosity and density of liquid.
  • Integrated design, small size, easily installed.

Technical Parameters :

Nominal diameter : DN01 ~ DN250 optional

Pressure : ≤10MPa

Accuracy : ±0.15%,±0.2%,±0.5%(default),±1.0%

Density : ±0.001g/m³

Medium Temperature : -40℃~+85℃

Environment temperature : -40℃~+55℃ (with digital display : -25℃~+55℃)

Relative Humidity : ≤95%

Output :  Modbus/RS-485,Pulse,4-20mA Current Loop,Hart (Optional)

Power Supply : 15VAC~30VAC / 15VDC~40VDC

Measurement Medium : Gas, Liquid, Homogeneous Multiphase Flow

Body Material : 304 Stainless Steel, ZL401 (for transmitter)

Wetted Material: 316L (default), Hastelloy Alloy C22, etc.

Process Connection : Threaded, Flanged, Sanitary Quick Coupling

Electrical Connection : Cable Gland M20×1.5

Installation : Integral (Remote Type optional)

Notes: Optional items please contact us for updated price!

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