Application of electromagnetic flowmeter in sewage treatment and precautions for installation

Application of electromagnetic flowmeter in sewage treatment and precautions for installation

Water is the source of life, and water pollution has always been a topic of great concern. Therefore, for many large chemical plants, their industrial sewage must be treated by the sewage treatment plant before it can be discharged. This can not only effectively ensure the cleanliness of the water, but also avoid direct damage to the industrial sewage. ecosystem.
As a key link in the sewage treatment process, flow measurement can help us monitor the flow of sewage and ensure the normal operation of sewage treatment equipment. In the practical application of sewage metering, the most common is the electromagnetic flowmeter, which can help us monitor and control the flow of sewage to ensure that the sewage
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brief introduction
When the electromagnetic flowmeter is installed
What should be paid attention to

● When choosing the installation location of the flowmeter, try to stay away from the external magnetic field, and try to avoid ferromagnetic objects and equipment with strong electromagnetic field, so as to avoid the magnetic field from affecting the working magnetic field and flow signal of the sensor. If you can't stay away, you need to take corresponding measures.

●The flowmeter is relatively flexible in installation, it can be installed vertically or horizontally. When installed horizontally, the sensor electrode shaft must be placed horizontally. When installing vertically, ensure that the fluid direction is upward, and at the same time ensure that the tube is filled with liquid to avoid the existence of air bubbles.

●Install bypass pipe In order to check and adjust the zero point when the liquid flow is still, small and medium diameter pipes should be installed as much as possible. When measuring fluids containing sediment, consideration should be given to the installation of the sensor for easy cleaning.

●The liquid flow direction during installation should be consistent with the indication mark on the shell.

●Install in a place with no or little vibration. If the vibration is too large, fixed support should be added to the pipeline before and after the sensor.

After the flowmeter has been used for a period of time, it should be overhauled. During the maintenance process, a bypass pipe can be installed to ensure that the liquid can continue to be transported normally.

Correctly install the meter

Plus regular cleaning and maintenance

Electromagnetic flowmeter it is

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