Common areas of pressure transmitters

Common areas of pressure transmitters

In industrial production, pressure transmitter is a very common sensor, which is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments, involving petrochemical, oil wells, electric power, ships, machine tools, pipelines, water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automatic control , aerospace, military, and many other industries.

A pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into a pneumatic signal or an electric signal for control and remote transmission.

It can convert physical pressure parameters such as gas and liquid felt by the load cell sensor into standard electrical signals for secondary instruments to measure, indicate and process adjustment.

Pressure transmitters are indispensable key components in the fluid industry, and are mainly used in the following fields:

1. Petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical industries, matched with throttling devices, provide flow measurement and control, and can measure the pressure and liquid level of pipelines and storage tanks.

2. Electricity, city gas, and other companies and businesses that require high stability and high precision measurement.

3. Pulp and paper, used in places that require resistance to chemical liquids and corrosive liquids.

4. Steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, used in places requiring high stability and high precision measurement such as furnace pressure measurement, used in places requiring stable measurement under strict control (temperature, humidity, etc.) conditions.

5. Machinery and shipbuilding, used in places requiring stable measurement under strict control of high precision conditions.

Generally speaking, pressure transmitters are mainly used to measure the pressure and liquid level of the medium. In industrial production, it is widely used.

Aoxin Instrument specializes in the production of pressure transmitters. It adopts advanced fully isolated intelligent conversion and digital compensation technology to achieve accurate measurement and transmission of pressure changes in liquids, gases, steam and other media. It has super anti-interference and vibration resistance. and high measurement accuracy. Wetted materials for users to choose are very complete, such as SUS316L, Hastelloy, tantalum, etc., which are compatible with almost all media.

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