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Ultrasonic flow meters measure volumetric flow and are commonly in custody transfer and fiscal oil and gas operations. 

Ultrasonic Measurement Technology

Ultrasonic meters are commonly used for custody transfer and fiscal oil and gas measurement. They measure the velocity of a fluid in a closed pipe and utilize transducers to emit ultrasonic pulses (greater than 20 kHz frequency) from which the flow meter can calculate the average velocity along the path of the beam of ultrasound. The fundamentals of ultrasonic meters make them suitable for gas or liquid measurement, treating them both as fluids.

In order to meet the high-precision, intelligent measurement needs of
urban gas industrial and commercial users, the product does not require
external power supply, and the range is wider the coverage area, which can
effectively reduce the loss of city gas supply and marketing .
The channel redundant design mode can effectively reduce the energy
consumption of the flow meter, and can meet the trade metering needs of
urban gas users and low-voltage industrial and commercial users. Mainly
used for industrial and commercial users covered by low-pressure and
medium-pressure gas pipeline in urban gas working pressure, and Class B
working pressure industrial and commercial households covered by sub
high pressure gas pipeline, with a norminal pressure of PN16. 

Ultrasonic Flow Meters Provide Best in Class Flow Measurement Accuracy

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

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Gas Applications

The Daniel 3410 gas ultrasonic flow  measurement products are used around the world in a variety of critical gas measurement applications. Commonly installed in onshore and offshore production facilities, natural gas transmission pipelines, compressor stations, processing facilities and city gates, these products are also useful for applications that consume large volumes of natural gas as a fuel or feedstock such as power generation,refining, processing and petrochemical industries.

Gas Ultrasonic Transducer

Introducing the Gas Ultrasonic Transducer. Robust, titanium encapsulated and safely extractable under pressure without special tools, this transducer delivers superior performance in wet, sour and corrosive environments. 

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Diagnostic Power

Every AOXIN ultrasonic flow meter is provided with advanced Software to simplify monitoring and
troubleshooting. This advanced software displays a number of performance-based diagnostics that indicate meter health.
In addition, dynamic flow-based diagnostics help operators identify flow disturbances that may affect measurement uncertainty.