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Aoxin KJLT Series Lowshearing Flow Controller

Aoxin KJLT Series Lowshearing Flow Controller

KJLT series low-shearing flow control valve is a type of control valve developed by AOXIN instrument company for tertiary oil recovery process of the oil field,specially designed for polymer flow control. Because of adoption of the principle of reducing diameter to increase resistance and throttling principle of needle valve, and the structure of double cone valve core,the control valve can effectively reduce the viscosity loss of polymer,and realize the functions of low shearing and high pressure differential.

Technical characteristic


Body material: Carbon steel (304, 316, 316L optional )

Structure: Three-ring cone continuous adjustment structure

Nominal diameter: DN50 ( DN25-DN250 optional )

Pressure: 16Mpa (1.0-35MPa optional )

Allowable pressure differential: <1.0MPa, 2.0MPa , 3.0MPa

Flow range: 0-100m3/h

Power supply: AC220V , AC380V±10%

Allow vibration: less than 1.5g

Drive motor: AC reversible motor

Average stick loss rate: ≤2.5%

Environment temperature: -40℃~60℃

Environment humidity: 5~95%RH@40℃

Input & output signal: 4~20mADC

Connection type: Rotary through flange type ( the other types optional )

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